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Android Screen Recorder

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Want to record gameplay, video call or capture other on Android Phone, then to share with someone or your social fans? This Android Screen Recorder can help you do that exactly. It's Fast, 100% Secure & Easy to Use.

  • Record gameplay, videos, audio and more. Play the most popular games on your PC
  • Mirror your Android device on your computer screen wirelessly.
  • Reply social app messages and text messages on PC & Take screenshot of your Android screen easily.
  • Supports all available Android devices in the market. Such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, Google Nexus, LG, or ZTE, etc.


Key Features

1.Record your Android smartphone using your PC
Record Audio: Support to record the system audio of your device.

HD Mirroring: Mirror your device in HD quality.

1 Click to Start: Start recording quickly and easily.

Customized Settings: Support different recording settings.

Android Screen Recorder - record video

2. Wireless Mirroring for Any Situation
Presentations: Use a projector to share your device's screen with a room full of people.

Education: Record assignments and share them wirelessly with an entire classroom.

Gaming: Mirror and record Android games on a larger screen.

Business: Use your Android Smartphone in your presentations at work.

Developers: Showcase products and create demonstrations in real time with on lag.

Recording: Record all live content on your Android phone in HD quality.

Record Android Screen - recording
Main Screenshot

Android Screen Recorder - mainscreenshot Record Android Screen

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