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How to recover recover deleted contacts from HTC one?

Jan 06, 2017 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to Android Phone Data Recovery

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  • I need help with HTC one?
    I just got this phone yesterday and last night I added like 50 contacts from my old phone to the HTC one. Then this morning I was going to call someone and went into my contacts and I seen all my contacts and then it like loaded or something and all my contacts just disappeared. What the hell happened, I didn't hit the delete button I just slides the screen over to contacts. Is there any way I can some how recover my contacts. Because I was giving my old phone away to my brother so I deleted all my contacts and messages from my old phone as I was putting them into my new one. - Alex

    For most android users, they synced contacts with Google account, when they lost contacts they can restore from Google, if you haven't synced your contacts with the Google account, don't worry, you also can get them back, just with a right Android Data Recovry, here recommend the Dr.Fone for Android, it support HTC One S, HTC One V and HTC One X and can recover deleted contacts, text messages, photos, videos etc from them. You can download it below.


    Step by step to recover deleted contacts from HTC One with Dr.Fone for Android

    Step 1. Download & Install the Dr.Fone
    After install the Dr.Fone for Android, then run it on your computer, you'll see its main window below.
    HTC One Contacts Recovery – main screenshot
    Go to the left "Recover" - Recover data from your phone. Select Recover Android Data, and then connect your HTC One to PC.
    HTC One lost Contacts Recovery – connect samsung

    Step 2. Enable USB debugging
    If you have not enabled USB Debugging on your HTC One, it will through software window & phone remind you to enable it, so the program can connect your phone.
    HTC One Contacts recovery – USB debugging

    Recover deleted Contacts on HTC One – debugging Allow

    Step 3. Select the type of files and scan mode
    In the latest version, Android Data Recovery empowers you to seletively choose which type of files you want to recover. You can choose "Contacts", "Messaging", "Gallery" or "Videos" etc.
    HTC One Contacts Recovery – choose scanned files

    On the next screen, select the option "Scan for deleted files" or "Scan for all files".
    recover deleted Contacts from HTC One - select scan mode

    Step 4. Prepare to anylysis & scan your HTC One
    Just before scan, the program needs to analyze your device first. What you should do is clicking on "Start" on the window. After that wait for the end of the Analysis, it will take a few minutes, keep patient.
    recover deleted Contacts on HTC One – prepare to scan

    Recover HTC One deleted Contacts – scan

    Step 5. Preview and recover deleted contacts from HTC One
    When the scan compeleted, Select the "Contacts" tab, Then you can certainly preview and check out the lost contacts one by one. Select them that you wish to retrieve, and then click on the recover tab. You deleted files will be back where you want them to be.
    HTC One Contacts Recovery – recover results


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